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Say 'I Do' to Rustic Romance: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Farm Wedding!

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Farm Wedding

‍Why Choose A Farm Wedding?

There are many reasons why couples are choosing to have their weddings on farms. Firstly, farms offer a unique and picturesque backdrop for your special day. From rolling hills and open fields to rustic barns and farmhouses, there are so many stunning locations to choose from. Secondly, farm weddings offer a sense of peace and tranquility that is hard to find in a city wedding.

You and your guests can take a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the simple pleasures of rural living. Finally, farm weddings are highly customizable and offer endless opportunities for creative expression. You can incorporate natural elements like flowers, greenery, and wood into your decor, and create a unique and personal experience for you and your guests.

Benefits Of Having A Rustic Wedding

Apart from the unique and picturesque backdrop, there are many other benefits of having a rustic wedding. Firstly, rustic weddings tend to be more affordable than traditional weddings. You can save money on venue rental, decor, and other expenses. Secondly, rustic weddings offer a more laid-back and casual atmosphere that allows you and your guests to relax and have fun.

 You can ditch the formalities and enjoy a more personalized and intimate celebration. Finally, rustic weddings offer a great opportunity to support local farms and communities. By choosing a farm venue, you are supporting small businesses and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Farm Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wedding Statistics

According to a recent survey, rustic weddings are becoming more and more popular, with 36% of couples choosing a rustic or farm-style venue for their wedding. The same survey found that couples who choose a rustic venue tend to spend less on their wedding overall, with an average cost of $15,000 compared to $35,000 for traditional weddings. Additionally, couples who choose a farm venue tend to have smaller guest lists, with an average of 110 guests compared to 136 for traditional weddings.

Choosing The Perfect Farm Venue

When it comes to choosing the perfect farm venue for your wedding, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, think about the location. Do you want to get married close to your home, or are you willing to travel? Do you want a venue that is close to amenities like hotels and restaurants, or are you happy to have a more remote experience? 

Secondly, consider the size of the venue. How many guests do you want to invite, and does the venue have enough space to accommodate them comfortably? Finally, think about the style of the venue. Do you want a rustic barn, a charming farmhouse, or a more modern and sleek space?

Farm Wedding Decor

Farm Wedding Decor Ideas

One of the best things about a farm wedding is the opportunity to incorporate natural elements into your decor. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use wildflowers and greenery to create a natural and rustic feel.
  • Incorporate wood and burlap into your decor for a more country-inspired look.
  • Use vintage furniture and props to add character and charm to your venue.
  • Hang string lights or lanterns to create a magical and romantic atmosphere.
  • Create a DIY photo booth with props like hay bales, cowboy hats, and bandanas.

Invitation Ideas For A Farm Wedding

Your wedding invitationsare your guests' first glimpse into your farm wedding, so you want them to be just as charming and rustic as the event itself. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Use kraft paper or recycled paper for a natural and eco-friendly feel.
  • Incorporate natural elements like flowers, leaves, or twine into your invitations.
  • Use a vintage or country-inspired font for a rustic touch.
  • Include a map or directions to your farm venue, as it may be off the beaten path.
  • Consider sending out save-the-date cards that double as seed packets for a unique and memorable touch.
Farm Wedding Menu

Planning The Perfect Farm Wedding Menu

When it comes to planning the perfect farm wedding menu, you want to incorporate fresh and local ingredients that showcase the best of the season. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Serve a farm-to-table dinner with locally sourced meats, cheeses, and produce.
  • Offer a variety of signature cocktails featuring fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Consider a food truck or barbecue-style menu for a more casual and laid-back feel.
  • Set up a dessert table featuring homemade pies, cobblers, and other farm-inspired treats.
  • Offer a late-night snack like popcorn, s'mores, or mini grilled cheese sandwiches.

Capturing The Perfect Farm Wedding Photos

With its natural beauty and rustic charm, a farm wedding provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. Here are a few tips to ensure you capture the perfect shots:

  • Choose a photographer who specializes in natural and outdoor photography.
  • Take advantage of the natural lighting and scenery by taking photos at sunset or during golden hour.
  • Incorporate natural elements like hay bales, flowers, and greenery into your photo shoots.
  • Consider taking photos with farm animals like horses, cows, or chickens for a unique and playful touch.
  • Embrace the natural and candid moments of your day, and don't be afraid to get a little dirty or adventurous.
Farm Wedding Photos

Farm Wedding Attire For The Bride, Groom, And Guests

When it comes to farm wedding attire, you want to strike a balance between rustic and chic. Here are a few ideas for the bride, groom, and guests:

  • For the bride, consider a flowy and romantic dress with bohemian-inspired details like lace or embroidery.
  • For the groom, a casual and comfortable suit or even a pair of suspenders and a bowtie can add a rustic touch.
  • For guests, encourage a casual and comfortable dress code, with options like sundresses, linen pants, and button-down shirts.
  • Consider incorporating natural elements like flowers, leaves, or twine into your accessories or hairstyles.
  • Embrace the opportunity to wear boots or other comfortable shoes that can handle the outdoor terrain.

Rustic Wedding Favors And Gifts

When it comes to rustic wedding favors and gifts, you want to offer something that is both practical and memorable. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Offer mini jars of honey or jam, made from local ingredients.
  • Give out personalized seed packets or succulent plants for guests to take home and grow.
  • Offer homemade candles or soap made with natural ingredients.
  • Consider a photo booth or Polaroid camera station, where guests can take home their photos as a keepsake.
  • Set up a s'mores station or offer mini bottles of locally brewed beer or cider.

Farm Wedding Entertainment Ideas

When it comes to farm wedding entertainment, you want to offer activities that are both fun and reflective of the rustic theme. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Set up lawn games like cornhole, horseshoes, or giant Jenga.
  • Offer a hayride or tractor ride for guests to enjoy the scenery.
  • Consider a bonfire or marshmallow roasting station for a cozy and intimate touch.
  • Hire a live band or DJ who specializes in country or folk music.
  • Consider offering a DIY craft station where guests can make their own flower crowns or boutonnieres.
Farm Wedding

The Cost Of A Farm Wedding

While farm weddings can be more affordable than traditional weddings, they still require a budget and careful planning. According to the same survey mentioned earlier, the average cost of a farm wedding is around $15,000. However, this can vary depending on factors like the size of the venue, the number of guests, and the specific services and vendors you choose.

Farm Wedding Planning Checklist

To help you stay organized and on track, here is a basic farm wedding planning checklist:

  • Choose a farm wedding venue and secure your date.
  • Hire a wedding planner or coordinator if needed.
  • Choose and book your vendors, such as caterers, photographers, and musicians.
  • Plan your decor and DIY projects.
  • Choose your wedding attire and accessories.
  • Plan your menu and bar service.
  • Create your wedding invitations and send them out.
  • Plan your wedding ceremony and reception timeline.
  • Decide on your wedding favors and gifts.
  • Plan your entertainment and activities.
  • Create a rain plan in case of inclement weather.
  • Confirm all details with your vendors and venue.
  • Enjoy your special day!


A farm wedding offers a unique and charming experience that is hard to find in a traditional wedding. By incorporating natural elements, local ingredients, and rustic decor, you can create a personalized and intimate celebration that reflects your style and personality. With careful planning and attention to detail, your farm wedding can be a day that you and your guests will never forget. So say 'I do' to rustic romance and start planning your dream farm wedding today!

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