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Unveil why digital invitations are the best choice for your wedding day!

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Unveil why digital invitations are the best choice for your wedding day!

The hardest part of having a wedding is planning it for months and months, it is not the wedding itself but the amount of planning and stressing about the different party details that are needed to achieve the perfect wedding. But of course, not everything will go accordingly as a lot of things could happen in those months, such as changes in certain party details like the colour theme of your wedding or the time people are needed to be at the church. Choosing a traditional wedding invitation that is on paper means that once every detail is printed, and every ribbon was tied there is no going back and changing the party details. No need to worry about this kind of stuff once you choose adigital wedding invitation!

If you are planning on having a big wedding or a small wedding the benefits ofdigital wedding invitations will astound your guests’ hearts once they see them. Going for digital invitations for your wedding will be one of the choices you will forever be grateful that you choose. 

Ditch the physical invitations and go ecofriendly on your wedding invitations

One of the advantages of going digital with your wedding invitations is that you only need one copy to send to all your friends and family, but with paper invitations, you would need to make a lot of copies and of course, it wouldn’t just come with papers other designs such as dry leaves and ribbons would be needed too, making paper invitations quite wasteful and not eco friendly.  Sendingdigital wedding invitations will not only save the environment from waste but will also save you money!

Having RSVPs for your wedding will be so much easier and stress-free


RSVPs are usually hard to track with traditional invitations, as you will need to wait for your guest to call you back or email you but this kind of problem is not going to stress you out with digital invitations. There is already so much planning to do for a wedding and having to manually track your RSVPs will make your hair whiter than the wedding gown, so by choosing digital wedding invitations you could just confirm with them through social media or put a link along with your digital invitation where they could confirm they presence on your very special day!

No invitations are gone and lost with digital invitations!

One of the common problems with having paper or traditional invitations is that they might get lost in the mail or your guest might misplace it somewhere else, this could result in your guest knowing nothing regarding the party or them being unable to RSVP and of course, it will be an added stress once you a bride finds out that the invitations weren’t received by their love ones. This kind of stress is something that you can't control with traditional invitations, but withdigital wedding invitations, all your worries about invitations not being received can now go away! 

Save time and money with all the wedding planning

Traditional wedding invitations are a classic with all the dried leaves and flowers and ribbons, but all these extra materials in addition to the different types of papers that your invitations will use are for sure to cost a lot for something that will be thrown away after the party. Every detail of your wedding should be special and invitations are part of that, but having paper wedding invitations is a regrettable decision that could be saved with digital wedding invitations! There are infinite amounts of ready-made templates for wedding invitations, but of course, there is still an option of customizing your very own digital invitation if you don’t want a ready-made one, and URNOTINVITED got your back with our very ownCustom Animated Wedding Invitation

Amazing creativity and show-and-tell design of a video invitation

Video invitations are on a very different level than other types of invitations. The beauty of digital invitations is that it is made with such creativity in mind and the show-and-tell design is sure to put your guests’ hearts in awe once they know when the big day is. There are certainly many designs and templates to choose from that are sure to match your wedding theme. Just like this amazingPeacock Wedding Invitation that is sure to bring the tropical scene to your guests’ phones or thisBoho Wedding Invitation that will capture that hearts of your friends and family!

Choosing only the best for your wedding day is a must and options that will lessen the stress of wedding planning is definitely the one you should choose! Digital Invitations for your Wedding is the answer that you are looking for! With all the benefits that come with sending digital invitations, this will surely be a big relief once you click send to your friends and family.