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We Create Custom Invitations!

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We Create Custom Invitations!

Finding the perfect theme for your birthday is such a wonderful thing to achieve but all the excitement can be gone when you can’t find a digital invitation that will match your theme. The innate need to have everything unique, especially for your very special day or your little one’s special day is immeasurable. And of course, choosing a unique theme means it’s challenging to find an invitation that will match what you have in mind. No need to worry because here at Urnotinvited, we create custom invitations that will perfectly fit the theme you want! 

Customize your own invitation complete with all the colours and elements you want for your special day! We are prepared to put your ideas and imagination into reality!

Have your unique ways to party!

Invitations are the ones that will start your party, so whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding, you need to be unique and creative and one way to do that is by choosing what best describes you. Classy? Glamorous? Popping? You name it and we can make it for you! They won't just be entertaining to look at; they'll also let your visitors know what to expect and inject a little excitement into their minds. 

Have fun with the themes!

One can have a digital invitation to any event but not everyone can have a unique and thoroughly thought one. The key to having a unique invitation is by playing with the colours and adding the things that describe you well, obsess with Paris? Then we’ll make you aParis digital invitation, Your little girl loves the Weasley family? Then let us help you customise the best digital invitation for this very special birthday party!

And having a digital invitation for wedding that matches the theme and the colour palette of your very special day may be hard if you are going to look for ready-made digital invitation templates, but with the option to customize your own digital invitation nothing is impossible!

Include every detail that you want!

Almost everyone already had an experience where an important detail for your party, was not included in your traditional printed invitation, but this kind of mistake can easily be fixed with digital invitations! Included all the details your guest will need for the party you are planning, you can even add an inside joke! Details such as the dress code, colour theme, landmarks near the venue, or hotels that are near where they could rest and stay after the party can easily be added to ourcustomized digital invitation. You could also send us a photo to reference your digital invitation. Customizing your very own invitation means that you control everything that will be included in your invitation.

You could also add your favourite song that will play once your guest opened the digital invitations that you sent them. Choose a song that will certainly make your guest feel like they can’t wait for your special day to come. And of course, it’s not a party if the birthday girl or birthday boy can’t be seen in the invitation! Just send the picture that you want to be included in your invitation, whether it’s a birthday party or a quinceanera, and we can put your ideas into reality. 

Letting us help you customize your own invitation, means that we will create a digital invitation based on our own creative understanding of your invitation from the details that you have sent us but never forget that you can also squeeze in some of your creative juice and instruct us your picture perfect invite. This way we could help you achieve an exquisite and distinctive invitation for your very special day. 

How to order your very own customized order!

  1. Add items to your cart and fill up the Personalization field.
  2. We will edit and send it in the next 48 hrs ⌚ after your purchase. We could revise your order for 1 time only upon receiving the video, changes after that can be done by paying a little extra. 
  3. You can share it with your family and friends through IG, Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Email, or upload it on your Facebook event page. The item that we will be sending you is an actual video invitation, not a website/youtube link. You can download and save it on your phone
  4. Our current turnaround time is 1 to 2 days, after receiving the video please review the spelling and punctuation carefully!

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When you know that digital invitations are what you really want, but can’t choose from the ready-made templates digital invitations, this is a sign that you need to have a customized one. Customized digital invitations are the best way to have the most special invitation for your special day. Customizing your own invitation will be more special to you, and starting your party will be more anticipating. This process of creating your digital invitation will now be easier as we customized a digital invitation for you! No need to stress yourself out on the invitations, just send us all the important stuff to be included and we’ll make you the perfect customized digital invitation